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Advanced features of up-to-date air conditioners

Air conditioners are a part of nearly every home, especially in hot and humid countries. Even those places with relatively milder temperatures install air conditioners for the hotter months.

In today's market, air conditioners are available to suit every requirement with more developments being introduced regularly. There are window models and split air conditioners, those suited for domestic use and those used for larger spaces and others.

So what are the advanced features of up to date air conditioners?

One of the major drawbacks with air conditioners is that they consume a lot of energy. They are said to amount to one third of the power bills. New models have come in which are operated by WiFi. They can be accessed remotely, which means you can switch it on once you are on your way home.

One of the newer developments is the smart technology which monitors the usage of the conditioner and creates a schedule to maintain a cool room when you are going to be in it shortly. A temperature sensor which reduces the motor when the room is cool and restarts it once the room gets warmer is pretty much common. Almost every machine available now is equipped with a remote control.

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