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Remodeling Ideas for Basements without Windows

As a rule it is pretty hard to get enough light in the basement space because of obvious reasons. But you know that the challenge becomes even harder when you actually have no windows in the basement! A lot of houses have such a problem with the basement space, this is why we created several very useful ideas with the help of professional basements contractor Guy Solomon exactly for you to create a comfortable room downstairs.

Adequate Lighting

The first thing that you need to think of is the right type of lighting, because only artificial lightning can actually compensate the lack of natural light. According to the experts the best choice at such situations is recessed fixtures, because only they can actually be placed in the tightest corners in order to provide light exactly where you need it. With this idea you also get extra advantages of saving a lot of head space, because recessed lightning does not take up such valuable in the basement head space.

Airy Design

As the basement space is, according to the general belief is pretty dark and deems, it is important to make the overall interior design as light and airy as possible to get rid of this uncomfortable feeling. You need to use light and soft colors for all surfaces in the basement room: walls, floors, and of course ceilings. Designers advise to use light shades of cream, tan, beige, or even plain white, because exactly these colors can help you brighten the space. Apart from the color of the room the furniture that is in there should also be light, have clean and simple lines instead of bold or busy patterns that may actually overwhelm the whole space. If you are afraid that in this way the room will look dull and “spineless” you can also add some bright splashes in the interior with the help of various accessorizes like rugs or decorative pillows on the sofa. At the same time do not go to fascinated, use no more than two main colors for accents and try to have the furniture whose structures match to the flooring and to each other.

The Window Illusion

This is one of the greatest tricks that you have in your arsenal. Even if you do not have a real window in the basement, you can simply give the appearance that it does and this will automatically make the basement room feel much warmer and more inviting. The easiest way according to Guy Solomon is just to hang a salvaged window frame onto the wall and attach a valance or some kind of tie-back curtains in order to give it a more authentic look. Another great possibility is to hang some illuminated blinds right onto the wall.

A lot of people today avoid refinishing their basement if they do not have windows simply because they do believe that such space can be functional. As you can see from the article, there are many things that you can do in order to prevent the basement space from being too dark and dull, so making it absolutely possible to create additional functional space that you can actually enjoy using.

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