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You have recently renovated a living room or want to upgrade it in the nearest future, giving it elegance and making it more convenient? Proper accessories and lighting fixtures will help you to play up with colors in the room, making it brighter and more luxurious. You can achieve truly unique results: you will see how the change of curtains and a carpet, a couple of pillows on the couch and vases on the table, installation of modern wall sconces to lit up the interior elements give completely different look to your room!

We will unveil a few secrets of changing the appearance of a living room in this article, namely how the accessories may be used. These tips were provided by Toronto interior designers. We bring your attention the interiors of living rooms, where accessories are playing not the last role. Click here to look through our portfolio of successfully implemented projects.

1. Decide on the style of a room
Before rushing to a store, think about the style you want to have you living room arranged. Realizing what you want, it will be much easier to choose and buy the necessary accessories and lighting fixtures. Remember that you need to buy accessories that will fit and complement your furniture as well as floor and walls finishing.

2. Decorate the windows
A living room has a window in most cases, so be sure to decorate it. There is a huge range of curtains, blinds, shutters, etc., which help to improve the entire interior of the room. You should choose the material and color that will match the style of your furniture.

3. Use lamps and lighting as accessories
Ceiling lamps and wall sconces can be used not only for the intended purpose, but also for decorative purposes, to create a special atmosphere.

4. Decorate the floor
A floor in the living room can also be a place to make accents. You can spread a carpet or a rug on it, giving the room color and softness. If you do not like the carpet, the floor can be decorated with original linoleum or parquet pattern.

Judy Bennett about the application of wall sconces in Toronto homes for creation of unique interiors.

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