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Step-by-step guide to windows replacement

If you are certain to do window replacement in your house, do not rush to contact the professional window installers. Installation of windows is a simple process and you may well be able to carry it out by your own. When you install windows, remember that its properties are directly dependent on proper installation.

Mistakes made when you do window replacement, even if the windows are of the best quality, can negate all of their properties. Therefore, when installing windows pay attention to the following points:

1. Mount the gap between the window block and window openings inside filled denser than outside.

2. All installation components are sealed with three layers: the first layer (outer) protects against climatic influences, the second layer consists of a heater, a third layer (inside) is vapor barrier material. Vapor barrier function is to protect the insulation layer from moisture. For these purposes, plastering slopes apply special steam insulating tape on the basis of methyl. Vapor barrier is very important, because of the penetration of moisture the insulation properties can fall.

For thermal insulation polyurethane foam is most often used. The best thing of course is to use specialized foam to install windows. Such foams uniformly fill the seam and should not to be cut off after solidification.

Steps of installation:
• Before doing window replacement you need to check the size of the window and the opening, install the mounting plate (two on each side and one on each impost).
• Then proceed to dismantle of the old window.
• Once the window is removed, prepare an opening, removing soffits (if any exist), and with a special brush clean the surface.

Now we are ready for installation!

• To install plastic window into the level, display window on a level with the help of shims (do not forget to enclose the pad under the imposter).
• Fasten window with dowels.
• Trim the ebb-tide and sill to the size of the opening, than you should the ebb-tide fasten with screws and after that set up the window sill under the window frame.
• Then, around the window sill and under the ebb-tide do the foaming.
• At the final stage you can string up the sashes.

Now the installation of the window is over! Qualitatively installed new windows in your home will save you from drafts, noise and other external factors. Also you can save a lot of money by doing installation with your own hands.

Herman Hanson, expert in home improvement and construction, describes the latest window replacement project that he carried out together with Toronto windows company.

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