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Most private homes favorably differ from city apartments with the availability of a certain area around the house. Here you can make flower beds, arrange the playground for your kids or with turn the area into a rock or rose garden with the help of a landscape designer. Click here to watch the portfolio of our projects implemented in partnership with experts from paving company from Oakville. Of course, the services of a specialist are not cheap, so you should consider options for area in front of the house arrangement with your own efforts:

1. What is practical? Most owners appreciate functionality and neatness, so they prefer to asphalt or concret their private territory. Now it will be easy to sweep and clean it. Here you will be able to inspect your car, repair it and wash. These courtyards are the most common in Oakville. However, experts from paving company state that this method allows a home owner to combine practicality and aesthetics. This effect is achieved through using of paving stones to make paths around a territory, which make it smooth and beautiful. Cement, sand and gravel are used for the manufacturing of this finishing material. A variety of colors and sizes allows you to create various patterns, which make your site very attractive. Besides, it is easy to clean and wash a paving stone that is very important for a private courtyard maintenance.

2. A playground. If there are kids in the family, a territory around the house should be used for their entertainment. Install the swings, a sandbox, a small house and even a swimming pool. This will allow your children to spend time outdoors, but under your supervision. Such a zone can decorate your house. You can also arrange flower beds there and water them together with your kids.

3. Green lawn. It is not a common thing to install high fences and concrete the ground around a house in many European countries. Instead of concreting, the entire territory is occupied by green lawn and the boundaries of the site are indicated by an evergreen shrub. These homes look very attractive.

Cedric Mann in cooperation with paving company Oakville gives tips on local area arrangement.

Read about main requirements to an area around the house

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