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Contractors License Information:
For your protection, you should always check the status of any contractor that you are considering hiring. They should be bonded and insured and carry worker's compensation insurance. Check us out at the Contractors State License Board.


Sacramento Custom Home Remodeling & Repairs
by is a Sacramento based general contractor specializing in residential construction, auto glass repair and remodeling. We have more than 25 years experience in the construction and home improvement/renovation industry. We run our business on the principles of trust, partnership, authenticity and ethics, and have built a reputation for honesty and excellence among our large client base.


Whether you are looking to build a custom deck, remodel a kitchen or bathroom, or add a room addition or second story to your existing home, is the right choice for a general rim equipment contractor committed to honesty and integrity in the building industry.  We believe that our emphasis on honest, open communication with our clients and detailed pricing is what draws so many repeat customers to

At, we take great pride in our work. We believe that our work is a partnership with our clients to help them realize their vision for their home or business. We are committed to hiring licensed, qualified personnel with the knowledge and experience to provide exceptional service and to maintain our high standards. Our customers' satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We put a lot of effort to improve our construction process and provide our clients with the latest solutions in the industry. We work with the leading Canadian and US manufacturers and vendors of building materials to make sure your house is build only from quality, safe and eco-friendly materials. Contact us if you want to build or renovate your existing house. We can turn any ordinary building into a house of your dreams and increase the comfort of any home with replaced windows and doors from company serving Red Deer and other cities of Canada. team will do its best to make sure your house will serve you for years to come.

Before beginning a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, room addition or home improvement project of any scale, there are important questions to ask, such as: will you need drawings or city permits? These are required any time you want to move structural walls, plumbing or electrical wiring, which are involved in the majority of kitchen, bathroom and basement renovation projects. The experts of Toronto construction company say that it is a good idea to find the original structure drawings; they will save you money on a new project, and we are absolutely agree with this statement. It is your responsibility to ensure that the contractor you hire has a city license as well as a current, valid state contractor's license and the proper insurance.


We know that your Sacramento home is a valuable asset, and any remodeling project like a kitchen remodel or room addition represents not only an upgrade to your living environment, but a financial investment you would like to see a return on. We strongly urge our clients not to always select their contractor based on the cheapest bid. Often you get what you pay for, and cheap work won't last in the long run. Cheap prices often include cheap labor and cheap materials. Be sure that any bids you receive are fully detailed and include all of the work you plan to do so that you aren't surprised with high bills for "extra" items as your project progresses. It is important to make sure the contractor you hire has enough experience in the construction industry, uses only high-quality, reliable materials, instruments, techniques in the process of house building and works with the most trusted Toronto companies that offer forklift for rent and high quality machine tools. To ensure your house will remain comfortable and safe for living, the builders must use the latest achievements in the industry: machine blades, steel roofing materials, finishing materials and decor elements from industry-leading companies. It's of paramount importance that you select a builder for your project that you have good, open communication with and who you feel comfortable entrusting your home to.

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